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OnLive – Future or Pipe Dream?

Ever since OnLive was demoed at GDC as a new technology, there has been quite a buzz about the internet about it. I have been doing some research and looking into it, because I think it is an interesting possibility. The only problem that I have is that, given the current state of the internet, [...]

File Replication

Recently I have been searching around on the internet to find a solution to a recent problem. I need to be able to have two copies of a particular folder (and all the subdirectories and files contained within) on two different servers. The reason being, in the world of web servers and hosting, you need [...]

Automated Build Server

An automated build server. Whats this you ask? An automated build server is an extremely useful tool to use in development. This type of server is dedicated specifically to running building scripts when you want. Most automated build servers come with at least one SCM plugin, usually for the ever popular open source CVS and [...]