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Well yesterday Limbo came out on XBLA. This game is definitely different, and interesting for sure. However, this game is not without it’s problems. First, the stylization is great… maybe a little too dark overall, but still a great concept and they pulled it off. The sound effects fix perfectly. However, there are no instructions, [...]

Alien Swarm

This past week, Steam released Alien Swarm, a 100% free game for everyone to download and play. This game was made by a group of Valve developers in their spare time, and Valve released it to the community. This is just another reason why Valve is the savior of PC gaming.
I took the time to [...]

Charity in Gaming

By way of Gamepolitics, I read an interesting editorial piece regarding charity within the video games industry. Ryan Sharpe, co-found of the Get-Well Gamers Foundation, basically came out saying that the video game industry isn’t doing enough charity work. While he did make the comment that he was unaware of all of the charity work [...]

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is a very interesting game, and is definetly unique. It has come out on top of the UK charts, and to see the full chart info click here.

Sony’s Arc

I have found it interesting that, as with time shortening until the release of Arc and Natal, that there seems to be more and more people trying to convince us that they won’t just be gimmicks. However, today I read an article regarding Sony’s PR strategy surrounding the Arc which is quite refreshing. Sony evidently [...]

Why the iPad is no good

Well the news about the iPad has been around for a while, and there are plenty of game developers excited about it. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue. There is three differences between the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad and they are: (A) Size of the screen (B) System power & (C) Price. The iPod [...]

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is coming out tomorrow, but for those of you who aren’t quite sure if they’re going to like the game there is a demo available on PSN.
I took a look at the demo and it is definetly an amazing looking game, without question. Additionally, the gameplay is definetly unique and is a nice [...]

Sony’s The Tester

A little while back I heard something about this, but it seems that Sony is actually putting on the ultimate gaming competition… and the prize? You get to be a tester for Playstation games. Wow, what a punishment… I mean prize. The thing is, that game testing is very tedious and sometimes boring work. You [...]


I had the chance to play Halo ODST, and I gotta say – not impressed and definetly not worth $60. Clocking in at less than 4 hours worth of gameplay, this game feels like it was forced to fit in the Halo universe. While there was some great performances from Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds [...]


I recently saw Uno on the PSN. At first, the price was $7.99 – way too much for a simple card game. Then I was deligted to see that the game’s price had been reduced to $3.99, much more acceptable. I decided to purchase it and there was no big suprise, it was a game [...]