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Rockstar Letter

For those of you who have any idea about the quality of life (QoL) issue for game developers, the mention of the EA Spouse letter will make your hair stand on end. Unfortunately it seems that the big bad publishing giant EA is not the only company now to have received an open letter regarding [...]

Video games are dangerous

Evidently, despite no evidence to support it, Keith Vaz (basically the British version of Jack Thompson) is calling for cigarette-style warning labels to be put on video games because of their health risk.
For those of you who don’t know who Keith Vaz is, he is basically the anti-video game MP in the UK. He is [...]

Devil’s Tuning Fork

As the month of June dwindled down a group of DePaul students formed to create the DePaul Game Elites. This group was assigned the “simple” task to create an original game in six months to compete in the Independent Games Festival. Advised by industry veterans Alex Seropian, Patrick Curry, Bill Muehl, Joe Linhoff, and Scott [...]

Video games were invented by the devil

Today brings another “genius” who tells us that she thinks that video games were invented by the devil. Anytime I read something like this it boils me up inside. They continue to show that some people are just not meant to be parents, or don’t really want to do the hard parts – like discipline.
The [...]

Christian Group Calls for MW2 Ban

I think that its time that we ban free speech in this world. I know that this is an outrageous statement, but I am equal in audacity that the Maine Family Council has excercised in calling for the banning of Modern Warfare 2. Not only that, but they have also used lies and misdirection to [...]

Assassin’s Creed vs the Sequel

With the recent release, I felt compelled to go back and play the orignal to see how the two differed. During my first play with the original Assassin’s Creed, I played it on the PC. I wasn’t plagued with some of the problems that playing on a console presented, like the controls – especially the [...]

Video Game Credits

Coming upon a recent article regarding credits in video games, I was disgusted to hear of the problems that some developers have had. Check out the Kotaku Article and read the original article regarding credits in video games. However, I’m sure that this is probably a problem not unique to our industry.

Self-Regulation vs Censorship

With the recent renewed interest in bringing a R18+ rating to Australia, I find myself wondering about the topic of self-regulation vs censorship. In Australia, the government has taken it upon themselves to rate video games and if they don’t believe that it is appropriate for minors they won’t allow it to be released in [...]

Nintendo loses in French Court

The giant that is Nintendo recently had a ruling handed down against them in a criminal court case. This court case was against Divineo, a mod chip maker for the Nintendo DS, whose flash cards can extend the functionality of the DS [Gamepolitics][IndustryGamers].
Now, the very fact that these cards exist should not be illegal. The [...]

Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend, a game that had to wade through a publishing minefield to get released. This game has some interesting stuff, good story, well developed gameplay mechanics, interesting universe, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t even finish this game. Normally I’ll finish a game, even if I don’t [...]