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DIY Stir Plate

A while back I began work on a diy stir plate. The reason being is that 1) I’m cheap and 2) Why not do it myself? Most stir plates that I’ve seen cost $100 or more, and building one myself only costs around $20 (if you don’t screw anything up). I won’t claim that I [...]

Quiet Droid

Recently I’ve been diving into the world of Android development, just for fun. I decided to make an application that I needed, because I wanted to and nothing else seemed to do exactly what I wanted. Its an app that allows you to setup some automatic quiet times, when everything will be turned off and [...]


Have you ever had a disc image that you needed to burn. Do you not need all the fancy bells and whistles that commercial products have. Do you want something simple, effective, and free? Well if thats the case then you need to use ImgBurn. Simply head on over to the ImgBurn Website and download [...]

File Replication Daemon v1.0.1

Well I decided to make some changes to the frd project that I have been using for a while. I needed to add some proper error handling and some logging functionality to the project. So here it is, v1.0.1  of the file replication daemon.
If anyone has any feedback, please let me know.
Download here

File Replication

Recently I have been searching around on the internet to find a solution to a recent problem. I need to be able to have two copies of a particular folder (and all the subdirectories and files contained within) on two different servers. The reason being, in the world of web servers and hosting, you need [...]


Well, being a video game programmer I am always desiring to make games. I actually made this particualar game a while ago for some reason that I forget. This is not a complete game, as it is simply a ball that shoots at spheres. This may sound dull, but you’d be suprised how much fun [...]