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Android vs iOS

So, another one of those Android vs iOS rants. I personally have never liked Apple products, so take that for whatever it is worth. When you consider the positive points of Android against iOS there are a few things in favour for Apple products. First, there are a lot of applications and music available. Second, [...]

Website Downloader

Every once and a while there will be a website that goes offline temporarily, and it can be annoying. There are also the online web clients for source repositories that you can browse, but you would like to have an offline copy of the files. Enter HTTrack. This is a pretty simple tool that does [...]

Another Reason Macs Suck

I am admittedly a 100% anti-mac guy, but this is another reason why Macs are not a good platform to invest in.
I came across an article on CNET basically stating that Apple will not service your Mac if you, or anyone in your household, smokes. This is ridiculous. According to the recent Mac commercials, they [...]

OnLive – Future or Pipe Dream?

Ever since OnLive was demoed at GDC as a new technology, there has been quite a buzz about the internet about it. I have been doing some research and looking into it, because I think it is an interesting possibility. The only problem that I have is that, given the current state of the internet, [...]

Obama’s USTR and Anti-Piracy

Recently the ESA cheered the USTR for “spanks” Canada for poor Anti-Piracy methods. The reason cited was the Canada needs copyright reform, which of course good ol’ Uncle Sam knows the way to help us.
First of all, I work in the Video Game industry so I generally believe in the ESA and what they try [...]

Lost Drivers

Windows. Plaged by drivers issues, and my only real complaint about Windows XP. I recently reinstalled Windows XP x64 after formatting my program install partition and my system partition – only had a fresh install once in 3 years after my system/program drive went up in a literal puff of smoke. I went online to [...]

File Replication

Recently I have been searching around on the internet to find a solution to a recent problem. I need to be able to have two copies of a particular folder (and all the subdirectories and files contained within) on two different servers. The reason being, in the world of web servers and hosting, you need [...]

Automated Build Server

An automated build server. Whats this you ask? An automated build server is an extremely useful tool to use in development. This type of server is dedicated specifically to running building scripts when you want. Most automated build servers come with at least one SCM plugin, usually for the ever popular open source CVS and [...]

Programmer Productivity

As any season programmer could tell you, productivity is a huge problem. I cannot recall the number of hours that I have spent wasting time on things that I didn’t think that I needed to be doing, and now there is proof that I was right. From typing out the same long lines of code [...]

Handy Software

There is tons of software available for your computer these days, and if you want to find some to speed up your computer, you’ve come to the right place. There is software for productivity, games, browsing the internet, and more. There is also a bunch of software for optimizing your computer and making it faster. [...]