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Canadian’s guide to Paris

Public Transportation
The Paris métro is awesome, and goes everywhere. The price for a trip in Paris is €1.80, and that’s anywhere within Paris. Basically, as far as I understood it, as long as you don’t exit the station (pass through any station that requires you to validate your ticket) you’re good to continue on. There [...]

Canadian’s guide to Cologne

Public Transportation
Pretty decent public transportation, and there was a good option for unlimited travel (something like 10 Euros).
The People
Evidently I showed up during Carnival, a sort of halloween-esque event. People were running around all dressed up, and for a while I was confused… I even thought that it was the norm. Someone eventually explained to [...]

Solo Travel Blues

So, I have never been one that got homesick or be one to wish that my friends were along side me. Well, that was me… it would appear no longer to be the case.
I’ve been doing a lot of solo travel these past few months and I’ve been exploring a lot. There have been a [...]

Canadian’s guide to Malmö

So having lived in Malmö for a while now, I think that it’s important to share my thoughts and observations about the place.
Public Transportation
The public transportation here is pretty good. The one thing that I like the most is that there is a digital display at every single bus stop. This means that you can [...]