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Not sick!

Today was take two of trying to turn at a steep angle (45 degrees). The good news was that I was in command and I didn’t sick. I felt the extra G forces, but it was fine. The odd part was when we did the equivlanet manoeuver towards the right instead of the left, I [...]

Clouds ahead!

Last time I flew I didn’t really feel like I had good control over my altitude. This time, however, it went much better. Of course there is still room for improvement, but it could have gone much worse (like last time).
I even had to take the decision on how to avoid the clouds, which my [...]


Today’s flight was cancelled – it just goes to show you, safety is number one. My instructor told me that he was flying and it was a question of wind gusts at altitude.


Today’s big thing – gotta get a better handle on maintaining my altitude. A bit frustrating because the previous flight was much better.

And it continues…

I awoke bright and early for my 8am lesson. I live a bit of a distance away from the airport, so I knew that I needed the extra time to get there and be fully awake. To my surprise, the end of fall is already approaching – my car had frost on it. As I [...]

My first flight

While today wasn’t technically my first flight (even my first time in the pilot’s seat), it was my first flying lesson with an instructor.
It wasn’t as stressful as the first time I flew in the pilot’s seat, but it was still not natural for me. Growing up I was always around cars and teaching people [...]