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Send to Android Device

I discovered a great new plugin and app for my android device. Its called Chrom-To-Phone as an app, or chrometophone plugin for Chrome. However, best news is that there is also a FoxToPhone for Firefox. It allows you to right click anywhere on a page, or any link, and then send it to your android [...]

Digital Identity

In today’s day digital age, your online identity is increasingly becoming as important as your physical identity. If you don’t realize how true this statement is, take a moment and think about how many places online you enter a username and password, rather than your given name. Because of the power of Google, there is [...]

Online Training –

There are so many different pieces of software out there that its hard to keep track. I wanted to get into After Effects to do some neat little tricks, and try my hand at it. I found some great (FREE) tutorials at and they were great! The only problem was, the tutorials were using [...]

Greatest Human Being?

How could you ever truly say there is a singular person that could have this title. What about all the people that you have never even known about? Well in my humble opinion, there is a singular person that I can say is probably the greatest human being of all time. That man is Norman [...]

Editing Visual Studio Menus

I use Visual Assist X every time that I develop because it is one of the most amazing and useful plugins for Visual Studio, ever. However for some reason the context menu shortcut disappeared for some reason and it greatly slowed down my productivity. For a while I searched and tried to find a solution, [...]

I found out about this cool addin for visual studio, TestDriven.Net. If you do unit testing in Visual Studio, check this out (I believe that it works for both .NET langauges and C++).

Chuck Season 3

Last night started off the newest season of Chuck. There were two episodes that aired last night, and this season has started off pretty good. Hopefully we can ensure that Chuck continues by giving our viewership. Not a whole lot of options on Sunday evenings, so hopefully it will do even better this year.

Stranger Danger

One of my the TV shows I enjoy watching is Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. There was an episode regarding Stranger Danger and how parents project their fears regarding strangers onto their children. In this episode there was a story of a child who was allowed, at age 12 (not 100% sure on the age), to [...]

1000 Ways to Die

Well, there are always interesting things available for entertainment, especially from Spike. Now comes another show that seems to be a little interesting, 1000 ways to die. I haven’t yet watched it, but it seems to be quite interesting. Each episode seems to describe a different way to die. Check it out on Spike.

Deadliest Warrior

For those of you interested in history, Spike has a very interesting series called Deadliest Warrior. I recently discovered this show and for those of you wanting to see history’s greatest warriors pitted against each other, with seemingly scientific analysis, check out this show. For those of you who like watching stuff on demand, you [...]