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Quiet Droid

Recently I’ve been diving into the world of Android development, just for fun. I decided to make an application that I needed, because I wanted to and nothing else seemed to do exactly what I wanted. Its an app that allows you to setup some automatic quiet times, when everything will be turned off and [...]

Android ListView

I was browsing the interwebs trying to find an example of how to do a ListView on Android through XML. However, there were not very many good examples. There were many that talked about creating a new activity, but I wanted my list view to be within another so that was no option. I finally [...]

Changing Android Views Dynamically

So I was trying to figure out a way to change a view at runtime, depending on the click of different buttons. I came across one site that seemed promising so I decided that I would post it here.
Android: How to load layout xml files dynamically during runtime
In addition, I found that this stackoverflow post [...]

Android Rectangle Shape XML

I was having a hard time with this, and being new to Android I found the solution to this not that easy. My problem: I wanted to simply try creating a rectangle through XML and display it on screen. I tried using DroidDraw to no avail, and this tool seems like it could be interesting [...]

No resource identifier found for attribute ’showAsAction’ in package android

Playing around with some of the widgets available in Android 3.0 and there is the Action Bar that is used everywhere (such as in the Email client) and it is cool. I was playing around for the longest time to try and get it to build, but it seems that it just didn’t want it. [...]

Android Development with Visual Studio

Me, being the programmer that I am, decided to play around with some Android development. Well, at first I wasn’t too happy with a lot of things. First, Android uses Java as it’s main language – something that I really detest. Second, it requires Cygwin for development (sorta). Third, no Visual Studio integration.
Java isn’t absolutely [...]

Why the iPad is no good

Well the news about the iPad has been around for a while, and there are plenty of game developers excited about it. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue. There is three differences between the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad and they are: (A) Size of the screen (B) System power & (C) Price. The iPod [...]

NUnit x64/x86 Problems

Well I found a rather odd problem with NUnit as I was playing with it today. It seems that by default, the NUnit files are all built with the “Any CPU” setting. This means that if you are on a x64 system, the default is x64, and if you’re on a x86 its x86. This [...]

Editing Visual Studio Menus

I use Visual Assist X every time that I develop because it is one of the most amazing and useful plugins for Visual Studio, ever. However for some reason the context menu shortcut disappeared for some reason and it greatly slowed down my productivity. For a while I searched and tried to find a solution, [...]

Unit Testing

I have been exploring the concept of unit testing for a little while now, and though it important to discuss. Unit testing is testing small parts of your code to ensure that there are no problems. There are many frameworks available freely on the internet, and usually come with enough of an introduction to get [...]