Assassin’s Creed vs the Sequel

With the recent release, I felt compelled to go back and play the orignal to see how the two differed. During my first play with the original Assassin’s Creed, I played it on the PC. I wasn’t plagued with some of the problems that playing on a console presented, like the controls – especially the camera. With both games, it seems that the control scheme hasn’t wavered much.

One of the constant problems people seem to cite is the repetition of the original Assassin’s Creed. During my first playthrough I never saw this as a problem, but now that I have played the sequel and gone back and played the original as well… it is a problem.

One of the things that the first has that the second doesn’t, strong voice acting for the assassin. Altair’s voice makes Ezio seem like a pre-pubescent boy, despite the fact that on it’s own there are no problems. I went from playing the first to going back and playing the second and I missed the force in the assassin’s voice, especially during the death sequences. This is a minor thing, but I think that the strength of Altair’s voice made him seem more like a badass that could do anything… while Ezio is more like a lost boy (which may or may not have been where they were going).

Another minor thing is that there hasn’t been any mention of the actual creed (maybe I haven’t gotten to that point yet). I don’t know, maybe I’m a little picky for wanting some sort of mention of the creed that was a constant theme in the first.

The animations are just as smooth in both, and the modelling and environments seem to have improved in the second. The first game is still a masterpiece and its no wonder why it was the biggest new IP launch ever (no source on that one, I may be incorrect on this point).

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