Rockstar Letter

For those of you who have any idea about the quality of life (QoL) issue for game developers, the mention of the EA Spouse letter will make your hair stand on end. Unfortunately it seems that the big bad publishing giant EA is not the only company now to have received an open letter regarding the QoL issue for it’s developers.

Rockstar San Diego is the focus of the latest letter from a group of wives of developers working at Rockstar San Diego. I was very concerned to hear that most of the same issues have been brought into the light by spouses of developers 5 years after the EA Spouse Letter. It concerns me greatly as a developer to hear that these issues are still alive in the industry.

I have been fortunate that I have never had to deal with issues even approaching the magnitude of either the EA Spouse Letter or the Rockstar Wives’ Letter. Hopefully we, as an industry, can work towards a way to fix these kinds of problems.

Rockstar Wives’ Letter – Gamasutra Link

EA Spouse Letter.

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