Sony’s Arc

I have found it interesting that, as with time shortening until the release of Arc and Natal, that there seems to be more and more people trying to convince us that they won’t just be gimmicks. However, today I read an article regarding Sony’s PR strategy surrounding the Arc which is quite refreshing. Sony evidently would rather not tell you about how great Arc is, but rather show you how great it is. This strategy seems quite evident when you compare the two presentations at E3 last year. Sony had a very tech intensive demo, while Microsoft had one that was more about presentation rather than an actual demo.

Another interesting point from the article is that it seems that Sony has really considered the end user and how the product relates to them. Of course we are going to see a few games (hopefully this is all) with stupid controls just like on the Wii – but perhaps this won’t be the case with all of the games incorporating the new motion controllers. Only time will tell.

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