Charity in Gaming

By way of Gamepolitics, I read an interesting editorial piece regarding charity within the video games industry. Ryan Sharpe, co-found of the Get-Well Gamers Foundation, basically came out saying that the video game industry isn’t doing enough charity work. While he did make the comment that he was unaware of all of the charity work done by companies, it is quite evident that he really doesn’t know.

A simple Google search on the matter will turn up lots of results. If you spend anything more than a quick glance into it, you’ll find that Bioware has helped raise money for Child’s Play Charity, Naughty Dog sponsors a kennel (not for publicity), Ubisoft helps raise awareness regarding challenges faced by disabled persons, Activision has their charity push and CODE, Zynga donated money to Haitian charities.

With just these examples (which literally took me less than 15 minutes to find with Google) it is quite clear that the video game industry are not scrooges when it comes to charity. Sure, maybe the movie industry donates more money but that doesn’t mean that they are automatically more charitable. What about the video game companies that do the good work for the sake of doing the good work without saying “Look at me! I’m doing charity” and call attention to it. Dollar amounts are an easy way to measure how much you’ve done, but don’t forget that giving time is just as important (if not more) as donating money.

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