Well yesterday Limbo came out on XBLA. This game is definitely different, and interesting for sure. However, this game is not without it’s problems. First, the stylization is great… maybe a little too dark overall, but still a great concept and they pulled it off. The sound effects fix perfectly. However, there are no instructions, or music. There also seems to be absolutely no story, which I was a little disappointed by. One thing that you definitely need is patience for this game. There is a lot of trail and error, due to the lack of explanation. One great thing is the fact that there is almost no punishment for failing. When you die, you are almost right back where you were. I’ve been able to get through half the game in probably ~3 hours (including all my trail and error). This game really reminds me of Braid, for a few reasons; 1 this is an indie game, 2 new style/innovation in the gameplay, 3 worth your money. I don’t really think that this game will have any lasting replay value, but it doesn’t matter to me. If you want something to entertain you for a while, check out Limbo – available now on XBLA

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