1 Gallon Equipment

After some experience with brewing a few 1 Gallon batches, I’ve learned a few things that might be helpful for others. First off, you need to know what you need, because most homebrew places won’t know for 1 Gallon setup. Also, in my area, many of the homebrew places were setup to do wine brewing so a lot of the equipment that they provided in the starter kit was for wine, not for beer. So, here is the list of brewing equipment that you should get;


1 Gallon Carboy (or Fermentation bucket)
Air Lock
Refractometer (instead of your hydrometer) – But this could be optional
Thermometer that can read to at least 100°C (212°F)
Auto-Siphon (must be able to fit into your carboy) and tubing (NOT a racking cane, these are awful!)
Stir-spoon (doesn’t have to be anything special, but something specific to brewing)
Mesh bags (for hops and grains, not necessary if you have a beer-in-the-can type – they aren’t that expensive though).
Starsan (or similar no rinse sterilizer)
Chlorine powder or other cleaner (need to clean before sterializing)
Digital scale, one that can read to 0.1g (tenth of a gram). Super important, because my scale was to the nearest gram and wasn’t quick enough.

Bottling equipment

Bottling wand
Bottle caps (usually quick cheap).
Capper (You can get a cheap $20 one, or some homebrew places will be equipped so that you can do it there).
Bottle brush
Bottles, of course (these can be purchased or collected). They should always not be the twist off (they suck to work with, and could end up not working).

Your local shop

One of the most important things to remember, you have your own reasons for doing 1 Gallon batches instead of the normal 5-6 gallon batches. They won’t necessarily know what you need, and most likely will keep asking you why you are doing 1 instead of 5 gallon.

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