Small Scale Homebrew

Small scale homebrewing is, in my humble opinion, is the only way to do homebrew with one exception; If you want to do the same beer for a large amount of people (such as a specific event). Otherwise, why wouldn’t you want to hone your craft and be able to experiment (and potentially produce a batch of not so good beer)? Homebrew shops/people seem to be a bit snobbish, in my experience, when they hear that you are doing 1 gallon batches. Why wouldn’t you want to do large batches, it takes the same amount of time… well thats just not true, the boil might be the same, but the cooling time, the time it takes to heat the water, the time that it takes to crush all your grains, the cleaning, etc. – that’s all less.

In one month’s time, I been able to brew four different batches of beer (three completely different styles). Presently, I have 3 different beers in primary fermentation. I did a brew on a Friday evening, another on a Saturday afternoon (after running errands all morning), another on a Thursday evening, and they all took only about 2 hours each from the time I got up to do it, until I pitched the yeast. And I don’t need to find a huge amount of space for four 5 gallon carboys to store. I’ve got four 1 gallon carboys sitting atop a dresser, and I could probably fit two or three more there.

Finding recipes wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t all that hard. I did some simple math and was able to figure out a 1 gallon batch, and it worked just fine. I also didn’t need to spend a ton of money on malt extract for any of my batches, and it usually costs less than a buck a bottle for my beer (and will be cheaper once I go all grain).

And, the biggest part, there is absolutely no worry that my beer won’t be completely drank until 6 months from now. I make a batch, and for those who got a bottle, they feel hugely privileged because they got one of only 10-12 bottles.

Best part is, I get to brew all of the time, because it is so much fun to do. Pretty soon, I’ll be going all grain and it will cost me pennies to make beer then (pretty close anyways).

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