First (Successful) All-Grain Brew

After being intimated by the though of doing an all grain brew, I decided to give it a try. Take a look at my post about the building of my MLT.

I was finally able to pull off my first all-grain brew. The first time I had tried, I’m pretty sure that nothing went right. Went I tested the O.G. for my first brew, it was only 1.015 for the first runnings (the first liquid you take out of your mash tun after your mash is complete). This is probably because I was using a blender to mill my grains for all of my extract brews. It wasn’t until I used a proper grain mill that I was able to mill everything propely.

After doing some research online about calculations, I decided to simple purchase Beer Smith on Android and I’m glad I did. While I didn’t strictly adhere to everything they told me to do, I did most of it and ended up with some pretty good results.

The thing with all-gain brewing is, you have absolute control over everything. While I don’t quite understand everything yet, its pretty much put your selected grains into a MLT for an hour at a specific temp. After an hour sparge (wash your grains), and everything goes into our brew kettle. After that, its the same as extract brewing.

The only thing you need for all-grain brewing is a grain mill and a MLT. Total cost for both of these should definitely be less than $250 (depending on whether or not you will build you MLT yourself or not. So if you’re thinking about getting into all-gain, do it! Save some heat loss, I had a grand ol’ time. Its entirely possible that my brew won’t turn out at all, but you learn more from failure than you do from success.

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