DIY Mash Tun

After being intimated by the though of doing an all grain brew, I decided to give it a try. So, because I am doing small scale, I required my own custom mash tun. That took several trips to Home Depot, and some additional research on my side. Originally, my plans for the MLT came from One Man’s Beer, and it was 99% functional. However, there was one problem with my mash tun when everything was assembled; It leaked.

Because it leaked, I had to figure out some way to stop it. I couldn’t find any washers that were the right size, and cutting larger ones didn’t work. So, after some research on the internet I decided to use glue to seal everything up. Now, because we are dealing with a container that we’ll use to create a consumable item, we need to be safe about our choice. As far as I understand, aquarium glue is actually higher safety than food grade. So, I was able to find some aquarium safe glue at a different store (Home Depot didn’t have anything, or at least they didn’t have any one to help me).

After using the glue, everything was functional and ready to be used. Next step; Brewing My First All-Gain

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