Solo Travel Blues

So, I have never been one that got homesick or be one to wish that my friends were along side me. Well, that was me… it would appear no longer to be the case.

I’ve been doing a lot of solo travel these past few months and I’ve been exploring a lot. There have been a few moments where I just wanted to give everything up and go back home to Québec. When I realized that wasn’t an option, I wanted to buy a ticket for each and every one of them and bring them here so they could travel with me. And then when I realized that wasn’t possible, I was just done with the whole doing it yourself.

Over the past few months, I’ve been to a bunch of different cities and they’ve all been great. I’ve done and seen a great number of things, all of which were great. From the beer travels in Copenhagen to the waffles and chocolate in Brussles, with the canals of Amsterdam to the cathedral of Cologne, I’ve seen and had lots of fun. And I’ve still got Warsaw, Paris, and London coming up as well.

But, it can be exceedingly lonely to do it all by yourself. But at the same time, it can be much easier. There are no schedules to keep, no one to placate, and everything you do is all you – all the success and failures. One of my problems is that I don’t wander outside of my comfort zone when it comes to food, but I’ll have to learn. Because I had no one to accompany me, I got to wander around the streets of De Wallen for hours exploring. Taking a stroll from the bus stop to my hostel Brussels was fine, no one complained about it (even though I should’ve taken a cab, bus, or something else).

Of course it’s hard to not miss the people you care about, even if they’re easily reachable thanks to the information age. I post a lot of photos to Facebook and Skype my people a lot to make sure that I stay connected to the ones that I care about.

There was an interesting post on some random blog somewhere that I found interesting ( I didn’t agree with everything, as I’m not immediately outgoing when I’m not comfortable, so the whole making friends with strangers isn’t always something that I would do.

However, the post, on a whole, hits it right on the head. You need to go outside your comfort zone a bit and do thing you wouldn’t normally do. Self-reflection is probably something that is easier when you’re not distracted by everything else.

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