Canadian’s guide to Cologne

Public Transportation

Pretty decent public transportation, and there was a good option for unlimited travel (something like 10 Euros).

The People

Evidently I showed up during Carnival, a sort of halloween-esque event. People were running around all dressed up, and for a while I was confused… I even thought that it was the norm. Someone eventually explained to me what was going on, and it made sense. I had a bit of an awkward run in with a waiter at one of the beer places I stopped at, he told me straight up I should leave a tip next time. I totally didn’t know it was expected… so now I can’t go back to that country! Otherwise, everyone was really nice and no one was intentionally rude to me.


Beer was cheap, public transportation was reasonable (from what I remember), and the accommodations I had were reasonly (although I would never recommend this place, I didn’t sleep well at all). The main reason why I went to Cologne was because the flight was only 138 DKK (which is less than $30).


There is the Cathedral, Kolner Dom, that is visible from everywhere. It was really interesting, and the majority of it is free. In addition to that, there is the Ludwig museum not that far away. Cologne, being the birth place of the K├Âlsch, has lots of breweries that make their own version. In addition to this, the breweries I went to were just plain awesome, very old and nicely decorated on the inside. One of the higlights for me was the Gestapo HQ museum. Evidently they were based out of Cologne, and it was a very well done museum for such a touch topic.


It was a nice cheap place to visit, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to visit somewhere that isn’t necessarily on a top 10 places to visit list. There were a bunch of great things to see, and a weekend is more than enough time to see them all!

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