My first flight

While today wasn’t technically my first flight (even my first time in the pilot’s seat), it was my first flying lesson with an instructor.

It wasn’t as stressful as the first time I flew in the pilot’s seat, but it was still not natural for me. Growing up I was always around cars and teaching people how to drive, so when it came time for me to drive it was natural and never a challenge for me. There were some things that I learned in the driver’s seat that I didn’t know before (like how to keep the car straight on the highway and not make too many minor adjustments) but it was never really a challenge. For me, those drives who didn’t find it easy and natural were always weird for me. I finally understand the challenges the first time drivers actually go through, and I have all the more respect for those who struggled in the beginning and still went on to get their license.

Not only did I do my first instructed flight, but also it was my first take-off and landing at the controls (my instructor made input adjustments of course, but I was still “in command”). The take off was fine, not too much to do except put the throttle down and pull back – it wasn’t perfect but I was never stressed at any moment. The landing, on the other hand, was a whole different story. I didn’t die, nothing was injured, and everyone walked away fine – so it was clearly a good landing.

We practiced a few different manoeuvers (bad translations ahead), nose down, nose up, leveling off, maintaining altitude, turning left and right, verifying our altitude with the instruments. All basic stuff, but for a newby pilot it was all a challenge. I know the theory behind all of it just fine, but the execution side still needs work. According to my instructor, everything went fine.

My instructor gave me good feedback – everything went as expected, and this is what he wrote in my pilot training record. We filled out my first entries in log book (and I made a mistake with my name, of course).

Everything considered, it was a good experience. It was hard for me because it requires effort and work (most stuff seems to come easily/naturally to me with little work or effort), but I still landed an airplane – most people can’t say that. When people ask me if it was fun, I can’t really answer that question – all I can say is that I can’t wait for the next flight.

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