Not sick!

Today was take two of trying to turn at a steep angle (45 degrees). The good news was that I was in command and I didn’t sick. I felt the extra G forces, but it was fine. The odd part was when we did the equivlanet manoeuver towards the right instead of the left, I didn’t feel the G at all (I’m assuming because my instructor’s side descended rather than mine). With passangers, definitely not a procedure I would want to do.

The main purpose of today’s excercise was to practice max autonomy and max distance. The difference between the two, is that autonomy is time in the air, while distance is simply the max distance you’re able to cover (think of it in terms of kilometers). Both the manoeuvers went well.

The other manoeuver we practiced was spiral recoveries. Basically, my instructor would put us into a spiral (we start spiraling towards the ground with increasing speed) and I’d have to identify it and recover. It was a lot of fun – too bad spirals aren’t normal manoeuvers.

Last time my landing was meh (I ended up hitting the brake too much on the right side and veered off to the right), but this time it was great, I felt mostly in control of everything except for the flair at the end (but still it was an improvement). My instructor made me take control of the communications a bit, and while it stressed me out it went relatively well. He made sure to give me the feedback about how it went, which reassured me a lot.

Of course, there are always things to improve upon… today was the fact that I have been using the brakes instead of the rudder when taxing on the ground. There were a few things that my instructor always said, “Make sure to keep your heels on the floor” which now makes perfect sense. Felt like a bit of an idiot, but he never corrected me so I guess I’m not that dumb? I still need to remember to put full power when accelerating (for take off or when climbing).

With everything today, I was super happy with my progression I’m starting to feel like a real pilot.

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