Clouds ahead!

Last time I flew I didn’t really feel like I had good control over my altitude. This time, however, it went much better. Of course there is still room for improvement, but it could have gone much worse (like last time).

I even had to take the decision on how to avoid the clouds, which my instructor never prepared me for or gave me any guidance. However, My first feeling (descend to avoid them) was the one he agreed with. After calling ATC, we descended from 3000′ to 2500′ to avoid them. It was a nice feeling taking that decision to avoid the clouds.

Today, my instructor showed me turns at a steep angle (45 degrees). We had discussed it, but we never discussed what to expect in terms of sensation. Welp, I was definitely nauseous. As soon as the extra g forces hit me, I felt sick in my stomach. I got hot and it wasn’t great afterwards. Because of my reaction, I didn’t perform the manoeuver, and I feel like we went right back to land. However, we still had to practice the rest of the lesson.

Flaps usage and flaps for landing were the other part we practiced.

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