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Some useful Homebrewing sites

If you need to calculate your ABV, use this handy link;
For those of you using refractometers, this site allows you to adjust the readings appropriately;

Small Scale Homebrew

Small scale homebrewing is, in my humble opinion, is the only way to do homebrew with one exception; If you want to do the same beer for a large amount of people (such as a specific event). Otherwise, why wouldn’t you want to hone your craft and be able to experiment (and potentially produce a [...]

1 Gallon Equipment

After some experience with brewing a few 1 Gallon batches, I’ve learned a few things that might be helpful for others. First off, you need to know what you need, because most homebrew places won’t know for 1 Gallon setup. Also, in my area, many of the homebrew places were setup to do wine brewing [...]

American Pale Ale Recipe

Here is my extract recipe for a 1 gallon American Pale Ale.
500g Dry Light male extract
45g Cara Malt 20L
45g Orge Maltée 6 row
3g Centennial – 60 minutes
6g Centennial – 15 minutes
6g Cascade – 15 minutes
3g Centennial – Flame out
6g Cascade – Flame out
1. Tie the Orge Maltée 6-row malt [...]