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Why the iPad is no good

Well the news about the iPad has been around for a while, and there are plenty of game developers excited about it. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue. There is three differences between the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad and they are: (A) Size of the screen (B) System power & (C) Price. The iPod [...]

Christian Group Calls for MW2 Ban

I think that its time that we ban free speech in this world. I know that this is an outrageous statement, but I am equal in audacity that the Maine Family Council has excercised in calling for the banning of Modern Warfare 2. Not only that, but they have also used lies and misdirection to [...]

Law in Videogames

It seems there is a new concern with video games. Recently a study was conducted regarding law in video games and how gameplay elements violate international humanitarian laws. I don’t know whether or not this is for real, but I found this to be a bit perplexing… why would some waste all this time and [...]

Poor Video Game Media

Recently I came across a story regarding a school shooting that was recently adverted. Another example of mainstream media playing up a video game link for no good reason. There is a great interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere (co-CEO  of Quantic Dream) in which he discuss the reasons he believes that mass media so poorly [...]

It’s Official

It’s official, Modern Warfare 2 is the largest media launch of all time. As of Nov 12, there were a total of 4.2 million copies sold (Source: IndustryGamers). Thats the equivalent of selling 54 copies of the game every second! This helps to prove the point that games aren’t irrelevant.

Washington Times and Modern Warfare 2

With the recent launch of Modern Warfare 2, there has been more about it in the “mainstream news.”
A Washington Times columnist recently wrote about MW2. She calls it barbaric and calls for everyone to reject the game. She mentions the fact that the behaviour of young men and boys is influenced by extreme violence in [...]

OpenAL Tutorial 1

This is a tutorial on OpenAL and how to use it. This will guide you through creating a basic audio engine with OpenAL for audio playback in games.
OpenAL is an audio API for use with games (among other things). It is crossplatform and useful for positioning audio sources within a 3d world. OpenAL has a [...]

Government and Video Game Repression

Lately with another school shooting in Germany, and the recent refusal to rate Valve’s Left for Dead 2, I have been again wondering about video game violence and it’s perception in mainstream media. Increasingly more and more people can be defined as “gamers” but it seems that the acceptance of video games as a modern [...]

Addictiveness of WoW

This is another post regarding to negative effects of video games. There is an article citing that World or Warcraft is “more addictive than crack cocaine.” The article cited a report from Sweden’s Youth Care Foundation. I did some searching, but I could not find this report. Although I could not find this article, it [...]

Uncharted 2

Although I haven’t quite finished it yet, Uncharted 2 is an amazing game as far as I am concerned. The game has earned a 97/100 on Metacritic, I am convinced that it deserved every point. This game creates the pace of a great action movie, and has a great story to back it up. If [...]