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Android vs iOS

So, another one of those Android vs iOS rants. I personally have never liked Apple products, so take that for whatever it is worth. When you consider the positive points of Android against iOS there are a few things in favour for Apple products. First, there are a lot of applications and music available. Second, [...]

Why the iPad is no good

Well the news about the iPad has been around for a while, and there are plenty of game developers excited about it. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue. There is three differences between the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad and they are: (A) Size of the screen (B) System power & (C) Price. The iPod [...]

Mobigames’ Edgy

Recently Mobigames has come under hard times with their latest game called Edge for the iPhone. The game has been de-listed twice by Tim Langdell, major league jerk and trademark troll. His company, Edge games, trademarked the work edge (along with a few other variations). He then proceeds to threaten to sue people if they [...]

How the iPhone has Changed the Game Industry

With the iPhone launching about a year and a half ago, there has been incredible growth since then. As of November 4, 2009 there are a total of over 100,000 apps on the app store and there has been more than 2 billion total application downloads since it launched.
Now, anyone who has the dream of [...]