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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is coming out tomorrow, but for those of you who aren’t quite sure if they’re going to like the game there is a demo available on PSN.
I took a look at the demo and it is definetly an amazing looking game, without question. Additionally, the gameplay is definetly unique and is a nice [...]

Mushroom Wars

So, my latest adventure with PSN gaming has taken me to Mushroom Wars. This games is a very simple RTS where you have a number of units and you send them to take over another building. It very much reminds me of risk, just not so much luck.
The concept is very simple, but Mushroom Wars [...]

Fat Princess

Recently I played Fat Princess, and I have to say that I am quite disappointed. It feels like I was let in on the public beta for the game, instead of the finished product. The game has a bunch of great game mechanics, but the problem is that the game just isn’t polished.
For instance, I [...]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I have heard many great things about the Wolverine game, but I am have to say that I was very dissapointed. The game was visually appealing and everything, however the game simply isn’t polished.
When you start up any video game, the first thing that most people notice is whether or not a game is visually [...]

Trash Panic

Trash Panic for the PS3 is a modernized version of Tetris. While the concept is not a bad one, the exection of it is. While I enjoy it for a few moments, I definitely would recomend saving your $5 and buying something else.
You get thrown into the game, without any real direction or instructions. It [...]


Quite a while ago, I found out about this game called Flock. It seemed to be a silly little game with a time old premise, alien abduction – cartoon style. I tried the demo and I was hooked.
After trying the demo, I immediately wanted to know when this game was coming out so that I [...]


It is very rare that there is something innovative in a video game. Admist all the financial problems in the world, there is still someone who is willing to take a chance on something new. This game has stirred up quite a bit of interest, at least within the gamming community. thatgamecompany has brought us [...]