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Have you ever had a disc image that you needed to burn. Do you not need all the fancy bells and whistles that commercial products have. Do you want something simple, effective, and free? Well if thats the case then you need to use ImgBurn. Simply head on over to the ImgBurn Website and download [...]

Website Downloader

Every once and a while there will be a website that goes offline temporarily, and it can be annoying. There are also the online web clients for source repositories that you can browse, but you would like to have an offline copy of the files. Enter HTTrack. This is a pretty simple tool that does [...]

MKV on PS3

Upon trying to get MKV files playing on my PS3, one of the solutions was to transcode everything with the UPnP server software. However, should your software not support this (like TwonkyMedia server) the files cannot be played. However, there is a very simple solution. Using a simple video converter (which is also freeware) called [...]

File Replication Daemon v1.0.1

Well I decided to make some changes to the frd project that I have been using for a while. I needed to add some proper error handling and some logging functionality to the project. So here it is, v1.0.1  of the file replication daemon.
If anyone has any feedback, please let me know.
Download here