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Sony’s Arc

I have found it interesting that, as with time shortening until the release of Arc and Natal, that there seems to be more and more people trying to convince us that they won’t just be gimmicks. However, today I read an article regarding Sony’s PR strategy surrounding the Arc which is quite refreshing. Sony evidently [...]

The Tester

I sat down and watched the preview show for Sony’s The Tester. They really are hyping up being a game tester, making it sound really cool and everything. There was some truth in what they were saying, because it really does take someone who is dedicated to video games and who literally could play them [...]

Sony’s The Tester

A little while back I heard something about this, but it seems that Sony is actually putting on the ultimate gaming competition… and the prize? You get to be a tester for Playstation games. Wow, what a punishment… I mean prize. The thing is, that game testing is very tedious and sometimes boring work. You [...]

Gamer with Visual Disability sues Sony Online

I came upon a Gamespot article regarding a lawsuit against Sony Online Entertainment. The plaintiff? A visually impaired gamer. This gamer claims that SOE has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they ignored the plantiff’s correspondance.
I generally believe that free and open markets are good, that they generate innovation and generally deliver what consumers [...]